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Our goal is to bring financial security to as many people as possible. We have a proven business model that is built with the primary goal of getting our clients out of debt at the cheapest possible cost to them.

NexGen works with the most reputable debt settlement sales affiliates and servicing companies from across the country. The cash infusion from the upfront payments we provide allows them to hire and train the most knowledgeable sales reps and scale their businesses. Our financing solutions allow them to cover all of their sales and marketing expenses and provides the required working capital to achieve their company’s growth goals while providing best in class service to their clients.

Our network provides debt settlement solutions in more states than any other processor due to our extensive attorney network.

Why trust NexGen?

  • We have a huge network with an 11 year track record of excellence

  • Our specialized industry expertise has developed over tens of thousands of settlements

  • We strive to achieve the brightest financial future for our clients

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