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Receivable  Financing

NexGen’s financing solutions provide capital to their partners by purchasing the rights to future debt settlement performance fees

Settlement fees are earned and payable once a client has agreed to a settlement with their respective creditors

NexGen is contractually obligated to receive its agreed upon portion of the debt settlement fees and is paid directly from the escrow account 

Partner enrolls client into debt settlement program

- Client signs contract with the debt settlement partner

- Client and partner begin the process of setting up the debt settlement account (escrow)

Funding Overview

Advance Rate on Total Enrolled Debt

  • NexGen purchases 6.0% - 8.0% of gross enrolled debt

Settlement Performance Fee

  • The debt settlement partner receives a 25% performance fee on settled debt

  • NexGen is contractually obligated to a 65.0% - 85.0% share of the performance fee

Preferred Return Factor

  • Allows the Company to ensure priority payment on settlement fees until a preferred return has been met

Post Cap Fee Allocation 

  • NexGen fee allocation after preferred return (pre-cap multiple) has been met

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