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Sajid Bhimani 

Chief Risk Officer

​Sajid Bhimani brings a wealth of experience and expertise in strategic finance, due diligence, and business development to NexGen Financial. With an extensive background in the Specialty Finance Industry, Sajid has held key leadership positions that have honed his skills and knowledge in risk management and financial analysis.

Before joining NexGen Financial, Sajid served as a Managing Director at CIBC Bank, where he led and oversaw the risk function within the Specialty Finance Unit for five years. During his tenure, he managed a diverse portfolio and implemented effective risk management strategies to ensure the integrity and success of the organization's operations.

Prior to his role at CIBC Bank, Sajid spent three years at Hilco Global, where he gained valuable experience reviewing and consulting on numerous specialty finance companies on behalf of multiple lenders. This experience gave him a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies and further solidified his expertise in risk assessment and due diligence.

At NexGen Financial, Sajid's leadership and dedication focus on managing risk effectively and ensuring the continued success of our operations. Sajid's role also focuses on evaluating other key growth opportunities within other Specialty Finance Verticals.




Marquette University

Bachelor of Finance and International Business

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